As you will see throughout Frank’s website, it would be difficult to categorize his paintings into any single style. From vividly colored koi swimming in a feeding frenzy to a serene winter scene with geese flying overhead, Frank’s believes in the Asian philosophy of painting which suggests that those subjects which are best painted are held in one’s memory. You will no doubt see Frank’s sense of humor in many other paintings as you look through the website.

Frank Gee, at age five, moved with his father, mother and younger sister to Nashville, Tennessee and soon discovered Mill Creek, a small creek located near his family’s home. Thus began a love affair with water and all the life forms that it supports; changing Frank’s life in ways he could not imagine. The world of nature provides the subject matter for all of Frank’s art. His depth of knowledge regarding the anatomy of all species of fish, combined with his interest in biology, render his Gyotaku (fish rubbings) real and captivating; not merely one- dimensional paintings of fish. Frank’s unique personality is perhaps most evident in his engaging and humorous bird paintings. Those of you who have met Frank at art shows around the country will undoubtedly remember his sense of humor!